Thinking of having an affair?


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Are you a married person thinking about cheating or betraying your spouse? If you are, here are some things that you may or may not have considered. The following is a list of almost guaranteed things that will follow your betrayal…..

1: You will get divorced when the truth comes out…. And the truth almost always comes out… Think of the truth like death… you can trick it, delay it, but in the end, you can’t out run or out hide it – it will get you.

2: If you’re one of the ‘lucky’ ones who doesn’t get divorced you can look forward to the following:

a. Your partner will spend years trying to figure out where they went wrong that led you to consciously choose someone else over them.

b. At the time of discovery, your partner’s world will feel as though it has imploded. And everything they believed about their life with you will be ripped away from them leaving them feeling like they have no idea who they are, who you are, and what is real in their life.

c. You will spend years trying to make it up to them, with very little given back because you will be a constant reminder of what was done to them.

d. They will have a past that they no longer had a choice of being a part of.

e. They will suffer an emotional version of PTSD

f. They will start to see relationships with the opposite sex differently and how other people interact through eyes of someone who’s partner took that flirtation just a bit too far.

g. They will spend years in therapy to get to a place where they don’t blame themselves for choices you made.

h. They will feel shame.

i. They will have moments where they want to hurt themselves, or you, or both.

j. They will obsess over appearance and vanity in hopes of re-attracting you or someone else.

k. They will not trust you, or any other person on the planet.

l. They will be triggered time & time again and suffer from memories & flashbacks of your affair.

m. They will lose friends, and some will lose themselves.

n. You will lose the person who you loved as they become someone who is unable to forgive you for many years if ever.

o. You will feel as though there is nothing you can do to get it right.

p. You will feel shame when your partner looks at you & asks why you did it.

q. You will never be able to give an answer to your partner that satisfies them.

r. If you lied & denied to the bitter end, you word will be meaningless for years

s. Your affair will affect your entire family not just your partner.

t. Your affair partner and their family will suffer as well.

u. You will feel guilt every time your partner brings up your affair.

v. Your partner will bring up your affair for years trying to understand and accept what has happened.

w. You will spend many hours, days, weeks or even years regretting what you did

x. Your partner will almost never look at you the same

y. Your primary relationship with your chosen life partner will never go back to how it was pre-affair.

z. The pain you inflict upon your partner will be immeasurable.

Still seem like a good idea?